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Woodby Farms Rubeus

This is Rubeus. Our first "keeper" out of Arya and Jameson's litter. He's an English Angora, Ruby Eyed White with a beautiful soft white sheen coat. He is currently still with us being used in our EA breeding program. 

Woodby Farms

Thumper was one of our very first rabbits. A Chestnut Tennessee Redback. He was a sweet boy. This was him and Mrs. Bunny in the breeding crate.  2019


Mystic Warren Spike

Spike is a  pedigreed Vienna Marked Black Double Maned Lionhead. He came to us from Mystic Warren Rabbitry. He now resides with another rabbitry. We will miss him!


Coming soon to this page: 

 Sledge - Black Tort VM Lionhead

 Neville - Blue Steel Mini Lop

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