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Rabbit Color Genectics 


    Learning the Genetics of your rabbit.  
Check out Our Bunny Colors for more genetics with images.
Below is a list that shows what each Locus stands for.
Having a full or at least partial pedigree of your rabbit will also help you in determining your rabbit's color. To show and register your rabbit with the ARBA you must have a complete full pedigree. However, you don't have to have one to show a rabbit. Just in case your intentions go beyond pet. 
Quick List:

    A_ at_ aa

      A = Agouti (Dominant)

      at = Tan / Otter

      aa = Self (Recessive)

     B_  bb 

      B = Black (Dominant)

      bb = Chocolate (Recessive)

      C_ c(chd)_ c(c)hl_ ch_ cc

      C = Full Color (Dominant)

      cchd = Dark Chinchilla

      cchl = Light Chinchilla (Sable)

      ch = Himalayan (Pointed White)

      cc = Albino (Recessive)

     D_  dd

      D = Intense (Dominant)

      dd = Diluted (Recessive)

    Es_ E_ ej_ ee

      Es = Steel (Dominant)

      E = Extension (Dominant)

      ej =  Harlequin Patern 

      ee = Non-extension (Recessive)

    En_ enen

      Enen = Broken (Dominant)

      enen = Solid (Can not carry broken) 

      EnEn = Charlie - Double Broken Gene

     VV Vv vv

      VV = Does not carry BEW / Vienna Gene

      VC = Not Vienna Marked 

               Possible Vienna Carrier

      Vv / VM = Vienna Marked

      vv = Blue Eyed White


      WE = White Ear

      WEWE = Double White Ear

  A brief explanation of how each locus works.


A Locus

A - Agouti.

It's the Dominant gene on the A Locus, it can carry A, or at or a (AA, Aat or Aa)

at - Otter, Tan and Marten.

It is Recessive to Agouti and cannot carry Agouti. It can carry at or a (atat or ata)

aa - Self.

It is the most Recessive and cannot carry Agouti or Otter. Self can only carry Self (aa)

B Locus

B - Black - Dilute Blue

Black is Dominant over Chocolate, it can carry B or b (BB or Bb)

bb - Chocolate (Brown) - Dilute Lilac 

Chocolate is Recessive to Black and cannot carry Black. It can carry b (bb)


C Locus

C - Full Color.

It is the most Dominant, it is as labeled. Chestnut, Black, Torts, are all Full Colored. It can carry C, cchd, cchl, ch or c (CC, Ccchd, Ccchl, Cch, or C)

cchd - Chinchilla Dark.

This is Recessive to Full Color but Dominant over the other colors. It can carry cchd, cchl, ch or c (cchd/cchd, cchd/cchl, cchdch or cchdc)

cchl - Chinchilla Light (Sable)

It is Recessive to Full Color and Chin, but is Dominant over the others. It can carry cchl, ch or c (cchl/cchl, cchlch or cchlc)

ch - Pointed White/Himilayan/Californian

It is Recessive to C, cchd and cchl, but it's Dominant over c. It can carry ch or c  (chch or chc)

cc - REW (Red/Ruby Eyed White)

It is the most Recessive and cannot carry anything except itself (cc)

D Locus

D - Dense

It is Dominant and can carry D or d (DD or Did)

d - Dilute

It is Recessive to D, and can only carry itself (dd)


E Locus

Es - Steel

It is the most Dominant and can carry Es, E, ej or e (EsEs, EsE, Esej or Ese)

E - Normal Extension

It is Recessive to Steel but Dominant over the others, it can carry E, ej or e (EE, Eej or Ee)

ej - Random Extension (Harlequin)

It is Recessive to Es and E but Dominant over e. It can carry ej or e (ejej or eje)

e - Non-Extension (Tort/Torted Colors)

It is Recessive to everything else, and can only carry itself (ee)


Broken Locus

Enen - Broken

It is Dominant, it can carry En or en (EnEn or Enen)

enen - Solid

It is Recessive, and can only carry itself (enen)

EnEn - Charlie.

Dominant, It's a Broken that carries Broken, almost always has only a little color.


V Locus

V - Normal

It is Dominant, It isn't a BEW/VC/VM. It can carry V or v  (VV or Vv)


It is Recessive and cannot carry V, it can only carry itself (vv)

VV - Normal

that carries Normal, it doesn't carry BEW.

Vv - VC/VM.

It is a normal that carries BEW. VC is a carrier that doesn't show any signs of carrying BEW. VM is a carrier that shows, it could have random white spots, Blue Eyes or a mix of those two.

vv - BEW

It is BEW, it is Recessive and cannot carry V.

Here's a great video to help you learn the basics from, Hook's Hollands.

This video helped me to understand what I was looking at when I first began learning genetics. I am not in affiliation with this website. I do not own the link. I'm only sharing it with you as it helped me.

Hook's Holland Genetics Video.

HH's Video Color Genetics
Locus Explanation
Quick List Explanation
Let's say you bred a Black and a Lilac Tort English Angora rabbit together. We know the Black to be aaBbCchDdEe from prior breedings
and we know the Lilac Tort to be aabbCc(chd)ddee for the same reason. 
  • They can only be self aa
  • They can carry both B or b
  • They can carry C cchd or ch 
  • They can carry Dense and Dilute. 
  • They can carry Full Extension and Non-Extention
Here would be just some of the possible outcomes for their kits:
aa Bb C_ Dd E_ - Black
aa Bb C_ dd E_ - Blue
aa bb C_  Dd E_  - Chocolate
aa bb C_ dd E_  - Lilac
aa Bb cchd_ Dd E_ - Black Self Chin
aa Bb cchd_ dd E_ - Blue Self Chin
aa bb cchd_  Dd E_  - Chocolate Self Chin
aa bb cchd_ dd E_  - Lilac Self Chin
aa Bb cchd_ Dd ee - Black Pearl
aa Bb cchd_ dd ee - Blue Pearl
aa bb cchd_ Dd ee - Chocolate Pearl
aa bb cchd_ dd ee - Lilac Pearl 
aa Bb ch_ Dd ee - Black Pointed White
aa Bb ch_ dd ee - Blue Pointed White
aa bb ch_ Dd ee - Chocolate Pointed White
aa bd ch_ dd ee - Lilac Pointed White 
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