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By placing a rabbit from Woodby Farms (also referred to below as "we"), you are agreeing to ALL of the following terms. These terms have been put in place as these are living creatures who need love and care:

1. A fifty percent non-refundable deposit is required to hold any rabbit for up to two weeks unless other arrangements have been made. After that time if the rabbit has not been picked up, the rabbit(s) will be relisted. Your deposit will not be refunded. No rabbit will be considered on hold until a deposit is received. If there is an agreed-upon time-frame in order for payment to be made in full, and you do not pay the balance of the rabbit, you will forfeit your deposit and the rabbit will be placed for sale again. If you choose to cancel a sale for any reason, you will not be refunded your deposit.


2. All money must be received before any rabbit leaves our possession.


3. We hold no responsibility for any rabbit after they leave our possession. We do not and cannot guarantee show quality/wins, reproductive ability, how a rabbit ends up maturing, or quality of offspring as this can be influenced by many outside factors.


4. We will not knowingly sell a rabbit that is sick or that has a disqualification (unless noted at the time of sale). All rabbits are healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave our possession. It is your responsibility to check all rabbits prior to them leaving our possession and point out any concern you have so that it may be addressed at that time.


5. All show and broodstock will be sold with a pedigree. All rabbits sold will hold the prefix of "Woodby Farms" before the name/ear number on all pedigrees, unless the rabbit did not originate from our herd. All pet rabbits will be sold without a pedigree.


6. Once a rabbit leaves our possession, no refunds or exchanges will be given. As part of our bio-security plan, we are unable to take rabbits back for any reason. Woodby Farms Rabbitry will not be held responsible for, nor pay any veterinary or medical bills or fees at any time for any reason.


7. Shipping of rabbits is unavailable, except via transporters. You may pick your rabbit up from us, with prior arrangements being made, or may pick up at a show we are attending. We will also work with transporters. You will be responsible for making the arrangements, including paying the transport fee, as this is not included in the price of the rabbit. Carriers for transporting are also not provided by us. We will not be held responsible for the rabbit after the time it has left our possession (meaning any illness it may develop, death, or injury), so please make sure you trust your transporter. Transporters are responsible to check your rabbit at the time of pick-up from us, and in taking the rabbit, are agreeing that the rabbit was free from illness or disqualifications (unless otherwise noted and disclosed by us) and in doing so, free our rabbitry from any liability that it may incur during transport. Please make sure to notify your transporter of this agreement, as it is your responsibility to do so, and by having a transporter pick up a rabbit on your behalf, it is understood that they are aware of these terms. If you utilize a transporter and you fail to pick up the rabbit from the transporter for any reason, you will not be refunded, and we will attempt to resell or retain the rabbit you failed to pick-up. We will not reimburse you or pay for transport costs under any circumstance.


8. Should a rabbit become sick/injured/die prior to it leaving our possession, but after you have placed a payment or made a deposit, we will notify you, and refund your money.


9. We will not sell any rabbits under the age of 8 weeks old.


10. We reserve the right to change the price of a rabbit at any time, up until a deposit is received.


11. We obtain the first right of refusal and can terminate a sale at any time during the sales process if we determine necessary.


12. If you do not receive a pedigree upfront, we will make sure to either email you a copy of the pedigree or send it to you in the mail. It is your responsibility to make sure you provide us with your correct address/email address. (Does not apply to pets, since they will not be sold with a pedigree.)


13. There will be no sales made to a minor. If you are under the age of 18 years old, please have your parent or legal guardian contact us to complete a purchase.


14. All sales are final once the transaction has been completed.

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